Heavy Vehicles Factory

Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) is located at suburb of Chennai, well connected by Rail & Road transport, approximately 21 Km away from Chennai Central Railway Station. In the vicinity, there are several other Ordnance Factories such as Engine Factory (EFA), Ordnance Clothing Factory(OCF) and Defence Installations like Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE), Ordnance Depot etc. There are also Central Reserve Police Force and Air Force Station available in the nearby area. The Factory area is spread over 248.50 acres and Estate 873 acres.


The Strategic Plan of Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi is to define the present/future objectives, targets and modernization for the next ten years period. Further to establish and to achieve the required infrastructure thereby achieving the necessary production in the area of tank manufacture to cater to the needs of Army. By defining the Strategic requirement, it is necessary to establish modern state-of-art technology with readiness to meet futuristic requirement so as to produce high quality tank with fullest reliability and to the utmost satisfaction of the primary customer i.e., Army.


Heavy Vehicles Factory is a Heavy Engineering Industry having core competency in the manufacture of Armoured Combat Vehicles viz. T-72 (Ajeya), T-90S (Bhishma), MBT Arjun Tanks and their variants. The Factory makes use of all the latest state-of-art heavy duty CNC machine technology to a large extent in the manufacture of tanks. Heavy Duty Forging, Heat Treatment Facilities, Quality Assurance Laboratories are some of the other infrastructures and facilities available and it is being fully utilised in the factory for tank production. Also competency exists in specialised trades like Armour Welding. Further, HVF is also equipped with facilities of overhauling of T-72 (Ajeya) Tanks and manufacturing of connected assemblies and sub-assemblies. Available Technical personnel are highly knowledged, experienced and many of them were trained by the Original Equipment Manufacture and Suppliers. By virtue of high experience and knowledge the factory is ready to accept any challenge put forward in accordance with the need of the customer. To achieve the reliability of the production, stringent quality parameters are adopted so as to establish perfection during the production of various components required for assembly of the Tanks.

Contact Details

RTI Officers


Appellate Authy

General Manager/HR&STORES

(O) O44-2684 3062, (0) 044-29567796, FAX-044-2684 1169.

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.


Alt. Appellate Authy

General Manager/ Operations-I

(O) 044-2684 1100,FAX-044-2684 4931

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.


Public Information Officer


(O) 044-2684 3141

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.


Alt. Public Information Officer

Jt.General Manager/MM(OE)

(O) 044-2684 1306, (O) 044-2684 3072

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.


Asst. Public Information Officer

Junior Works Manager(SG)/RTI

(O) 044-2684 3240

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.

Shri Shantanu Mishra

Alt. Asst. Public Information Officer

Works Manager/PC-I

(O) 044-2684 3146

Email: hvf[at]ord[dot]gov[dot]in.

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